Herkimer Diamond Clear

Herkimer Diamond Clear

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Average length 1.5cm - 2cm

Herkimer Quartz "Diamonds" are the highest of energy seekers of the crystal world. These are moslty clear and manifest pure solid light. Known as the attunement stone, hermikers allow for attunement to a person, place or situation. If your loved one travels away, have them take one with them and feel the instant connection between the two of you. Space will not exist. Hermikers are the perfect healing stone as they retain memory and can be attuned to the effect you wish it to have. Be it love, happiness, protection. It heightens the powers of any other crystal you use, and is especially suited to those working within the spiritual or Complimentry therapies. Smokey hermikers carry a higher grounding aspect.

Caution- build up your use of the hermiker. You will feel its energy very stongly to begin with nd may habe you feeling light headed with the first few sessions. Not a stone to be used with or near children and animals.