Bloodstone Tumble

Bloodstone Tumble

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Bloodstone is an excellent protection stone, especially for children and teenaggers. It helps protect against physical and/or emotional bullying by assistingcthe user to know when to withdraw or to confront when needed. It can help a child adapt to change. In times of decision making, it will assist with helping to maintain clarity and focus.

Bloodstone is aslo great for dreaming and hightens intuition. If you have a project or idea that you wish to get started, bloodstone can help through the whole process. From rhe initial planning ohase right through to completion.

Bloodstone is also great for new mothers to help woth the bonding process after birth or re kindle bonds after times of separation.

Physically, bloodstone helps to highten energy levels and physical endurance. Great for people who are athletes or when the body needs to work harder with having a physcial job.

All in all, everyone can benifit from having bloodstone as it supports on so many levels.