Introduction to Crystals workshop

Introduction to Crystals workshop

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This course can be delivered either on one on in person or distance or as a group setting.


Welcome to the introduction to crystals workshop.

We all know that crystals are beautiful, but, do you wish to know how they can help you in all aspects of your life on a daily basis?

This workshop will help you discover how crystals can empower and enhance areas of your life. From assisting with energy balancing and clearing, stress and anxiety, communication, sleep, pain relief, concentration, proctection, self empowerment and attracting abundance and much much more.

We will cover the properties of many crystals and combinations you can use for targeted healing of mind, body and soul.

How to care for your crystals. Crystal specific cleansing and charging and attunement.

The different formations eg tumbles, generators, clusters, polished and how to use each type effectively.

Personal grids for all areas of life. How to set your intention and use the grid effectively.

How to intuitively select the right crystals for you.

Includes a chakra crystal kit valued at $30